Northland: Whangarei & Poor Knights Island

Whangarei is the jumping off point for some of the best diving in the country. This is based purely on what I’ve read since I have yet to dive anywhere in NZ. The other thing to know about this town is that in the Maori language, “wh” makes the “f” sound.

The dives were incredible – 12-metre visibility and organized, helpful service from Dive! Tutukaka. The hour-long boat ride was well worth it! The East Australian Current referenced in Finding Nemo brings warm water and exotic fish to the islands. We had the option of diving with a guide or individually in small groups. A vibrant orange kelp covers the ocean floor at Brady’s Corner, the 1st of 2 dives. Highlights include 2 eels side-by-side on a rock like they were sunbathing; feeding goatfish; leatherjackets, triggerfish, big eyes, nudibranchs, stonefish, & snapper.

Dates: 17-19 Jan 2014

Whangarei Falls
Whangarei Falls

Travel with: Allen
Weather: sunny
Accommodation: whangarei holiday park, private room, would stay here again, very clean, free wifi, outdoor grills where we made burgers for every meal

  • hiked Whangerei falls;
  • dive Poor Knights Island with Dive! Tutukaka;
  • abbey caves & glowworms were a neat surprise


  • grocery store walking distance from accommodation. used the kitchen & grill at the holiday park to self-cater.

Transportation: KiwiExperience Bus dropped up walking distance from the holiday park; Dive! Tutukaka organized and early morning pick-up.


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