After six months in New Zealand we finally made it to the South Island! Dunedin was our first stop in a 3-city tour.  We planned the trip around the Cadbury Chocolate Carnival and the Jaffa Race in particular. Each year numbered chocolates race down Baldwin Street, the world’s steepest street, in a series of races. Early that morning we walked to the Cadbury factory to purchase our jaffas for the race and were disappointed to find they were sold out. Undeterred, we hopped a bus to Baldwin Street to watch the contestants jostle down the street.  A few stragglers bailed halfway through and we were able to get a close-up of the numbered jaffas.

Overall, Dunedin seemed quiet for a college town. The settlers museum is an educational and entertaining stop. It might be worthwhile to do a penguin tour next time.

Dates: 17-19 July 2014
Travel with: Allen
Weather: cold; winter coat required
Accommodation: private room at Chalet Backpackers, I do not recommend this place: okay location, but seems to target long term student boarders. It was cold; space heater in our room did not work. Reception was never open.


Jaffa Race, Balwdin Street
Jaffa Race, Balwdin Street
  • drinks at doon whiskey bar;
  • jaffa race;
  • walked to emerson brewery, but found out they do not give tours;
  • public art gallery (free);
  • settlers museum is a free huge museum where you can spend hours learning about the early scottish immigrants;
  • farmers market at iconic railway station.


  • McDonalds (Kiwi’s call it “Maccers”) for our first Georgie Pies
  • Eureka has local beers on tap – very good;
  • strictly coffee – very good;
  • Craic Irish bar.

Transportation: flew to Dunedin – airport is 45 minutes from town.