Having visitors brings fresh energy to our kiwi adventure. In this case, a visit from Kathleen & Jeff motivated us to explore a part of the country we had not seen, the capital city of Wellington.

Known as “windy Welly” I should not have been surprised by the bumpy landing. Once we were safely on the ground it was easy to find the public bus and get into town.

With just the weekend and so much to do we had to prioritize our activities. At the top of my list was touring the beehive and experiencing the art culture for which Wellington is known. Neither of them disappointed. The highlight of visiting the parliament buildings was learning about the efforts taken to make the building earthquake proof. During the tour we were brought to the basement where we were shown the massive springs supporting the building.

On Saturday night we went to a comedy show at Bats Theatre. There was plenty of audience interaction, and lots of laughs. I left wanting to find a similar scene closer to home.

Just before our flight on Sunday we visited a huge farmers’ market along the waterfront. There were vegetables I had never seen before! If I had been able to check a bag for the flight it would have been full of fresh fruits.

If the weather was always like this, I’d be happy to live in Wellington.

Dates: 15-17 August 2014
Travel with: Allen, Kathleen & Jeff
Weather: windy on arrival, sunny and beautiful the rest of the weekend
Accommodation: 4-person dorm at YHA Wellington

  • tour of the beehive (parliament buildings);
  • comedy show at Bats Theatre;
  • swimming at fryberg pool;
  • yoga at lululemon;
  • shopping underground market;
  • drinks at hawthorne lounge (speakeasy) and alice (creative cocktails served in teapots);
  • Catholic mass at Presbyterian church because the cathedral is renovating;
  • awesome fruit & veg market on waterfront.


  • I still dream about the milkshakes at fidel’s cafe;
  • unremarkable lunch on Cuba Street.