Ekiden Rotorua

ekidenEmphasis on outdoor activities is one of my favourite facets of Kiwi culture. When I read about Ekiden Rotorua, a 26-mile (42-kilometer) relay race around Lake Rotorua, I immediately wanted to participate. I recruited a full team of six runners and walkers.

We arrived in town the night before and met for a delicious pre-race meal at Sabroso. The next morning, our superhero costumes qualified us tor a 10-minute head start on the racers in standard attire. Runner #1 crossed the start line and the rest of us hopped in the car and drove to the first transition area. The next four hours passed quickly as we fell into a pattern of racing from one transition area to the next. Although the roads were not closed, the event was well organised and the runners were easy to spot. My 7.93km section was hilly and scenic. By then the 1500+ participants were spread out.

Soon after that, Runner #6 came around the last turn and our whole team joined him on the course to finish together. After that there were food, drinks and hot pools, but the race was the star of the weekend. We had a wonderful team and I love our costumes!

Dates: 9-11 October 2015
Travel with: Allen and relay team
Weather: cool, 50s & 60s
Accommodation: YHA Rotorua

  • Ekiden Rotorua
  • relaxation massage at Polynesian Spa

Food & Drink:

  • Sabroso (!)
  • Brew – okay food with good selection of tap beers
  • Polynesian Spa Cafe
  • Nuvo

Transportation: A2B car rental