Smith Mountain Lake

For me the lakehouse has always been a place to escape the city; a getaway with no agenda other than reading and lounging in the water. This trip had a different purpose. My parents have generously allowed us to use the lakehouse as a storage facility for our furnishings for the past few years. Sunday’s objective was to prepare our home goods for shipment the following day. Most of the work was done ahead of my arrival so I only had to do some sorting and repacking.

Five movers from Accelerated International Forwarders came on Monday morning and spent the day packing and loading our things onto the truck. They were gone by 3pm and I got to swim the Moneta Channel with my dad trailing in the canoe.

It was wonderful spending this time with my close friend, sister, niece and father. Poor Micky Mouse lost an eye, but the rest of the time SGT was well behaved and ‘frelaxed.’ Only one wine glass was broken in the outbound move. I hope everything else shows up in Auckland in good shape.

Dates: 26-28 June 2016
Travel with: Shay, Rebecca, Dad & SGT
Weather: overcast with a little rain, highs in the 80s
Accommodation: the lakehouse, Moneta, Virginia

  • Shipment of goods from Virginia to Auckland
  • Swimming the Moneta Channel
  • ‘Frelaxing’ – SGT’s term for relaxing

Food & Drink:

  • home-cooked favorites including hot dogs, Trader Joe’s sweet potato gnocchi, chips & guacamole & TJ’s corn salsa

Transportation: my parents’ car