Beervana & Wellington on a Plate

Beervana is a celebration of NZ craft beer with a couple international ones thrown in. A few days before our trip to the capital city one of my travel mates directed me to the beer menu – an Excel spreadsheet with 46 brewers and 300 beers. With a little prework this had the makings of a great time! On the flight down we were all discussing our individual lists of beer we were keen to try. We arrived at the crowded stadium and within minutes we’d reached our first stop. Walking clockwise it took us a couple hours to make a lap around the concourse.

Beervana was not the only show in town. Wellington on a Plate calls itself ‘NZ’s largest and tastiest festival’ with hundreds of events throughout the last two weeks of August. Beer No Evil, Pie No Evil matched classic Kiwi pies with traditional brews. A brekkie egg pie, three meat pies and an apple pie were teamed with four beers and a cider. It was a fun, delicious way to enjoy local favourites.

Our last event was Culinary Cocktails at the Library. The speakeasy created a special list of cocktails as a nod to Welly on a Plate, but was otherwise unexceptional. Our prepurchased tickets entitled us to a couple drinks from the festival menu, but we would have preferred to order off the standard drink list.

Dates: 12-14 August 2016
Travel with: Allen & the Marshalls
Weather: 50s and rain
Accommodation: James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor

  • Beervana (!!)
  • Beer No Evil, Pie No Evil – beer and pie at Sprig & Fern (!)
  • Culinary Cocktails at the Library
  • Mass at Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
  • Shopping at the new David Jones

Food & Drink:

  • Neo Cafe
  • Havana Bar
  • Americanos Breakfast Restaurant, an American-style diner, formerly known as Drexels
  • milkshakes from Fidels
  • see above activities

Transportation: Air NZ, Green Cabs, Uber, bus 91 to airport