Beervana 2017 was even bigger than the previous year: nearly 70 breweries and 469 craft beers on tap. The menu skewed toward stouts and sour beers. Those styles are not my personal favorites but I still found plenty to keep me happy.

On this trip to Wellington, we also visited The Great War Exhibition created by Peter Jackson. Our guide did a great job of summarizing key events and players in First World War during the 45-minute tour.

The Great War Exhibition

Dates: 11-13 August 2017
Travel with: Allen & the Marshalls
Weather: 50-60s, mostly sunny on Saturday; rain on Sunday; windy along the water both days
Accommodation: Travelodge

  • Beervana
  • runs along the water
  • tour of The Great War Exhibition in Dominion Museum (!)
  • shopping: Cuba St, David Jones, Lambton Quay
  • vigil mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Sacred Heart (Catholic)
  • Pukeahu National War Memorial
  • Te Papa

Food & Drink:

  • Cafe Breton
  • Curry Heaven (!)
  • Five Boroughs Deli-Diner-Dive
  • McDonald’s
  • New World Metro

Transportation: Air New Zealand, Uber, route 91 Airport Flyer