I was fortunate to combine a weekend in Tauranga with a business trip to Rotorua. A week before the trip I learned that the Tinman Triathlon would be taking place in Mount Maunganui during our visit. I deliberated participating in the sprint distance. In the end I decided to leave my bicycle at home and spectate the event.

I arrived in Tauranga Friday afternoon and met my husband who was already there. We kicked off the weekend with a loop walk around the base of Mt Maunganui. The walk is quiet with plenty to take in – cargo ships entering and exiting New Zealand’s busiest port, silent islands off the coast, birds swooping and chirping, and people sunbathing.

All weekend we noticed triathletes around us. On Saturday they congregated on our doorstep at Pilot Bay to swim in groups. Anticipation of tomorrow’s race grew as the transition area was set up and roads were closed. Early Sunday morning the race’s final preparations were put in place as the buoys were anchored in Pilot Bay. Unfortunately the weather was not ideal and it rained throughout the morning. We would have stayed to watch more of the event if it had been dry. Instead, we hung around just long enough to see our friend transition from the swim to the bike.

Dates: 17-19 November 2017
Travel with: Allen
Weather: some sun, but mostly cloudy with light, constant wind
Accommodation: Westhaven Motel

swimmers during Tinman Triathlon


  • walking and running around The Mount
  • watching the Tinman Triathlon
  • watching surfers at Main Beach
  • easy hike on Moturiki (Leisure Island)
  • swimming in Pilot Bay (16.9°C, no wetsuit)
  • Street Prints Mauao Art Trail
breakfast at Nourishing Baker

Food & Drink:

  • The General (!)
  • The Nourishing Baker (!)
  • Spongedrop Cakery, delicious scones and cupcakes. okay coffee
  • The Mount Brewing Co disappointingly did not have any of their own beers on tap
  • Pronto

Transportation: self-drive